How the guests of international media congress were sent off and what they will remember about Yamal?

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Arctic Media World, an international media congress, took place in Salekhard. Journalists from foreign countries and Russian northern regions discussed important issues for the Arctic and got acquainted with Yamal. One day of the congress was spent outside the city. Lilia Jyga will tell you what they were doing there.

Berries and raw whitefish - journalists of the planet are being treated by traditional northern dishes. At the same time they are getting acquainted with the pagan believes of the Arctic. The ritual of smoke purification. Since ancient times the peoples of the north have been purifying themselves from evil spirits and disease with the help of smoke. Inside the smouldering ladle there quite specific ingredients: muskrat and beaver fur, birch fungus.

This man wearing a backpack and a red hat is a Finnish documentary director. He is also cleaning his karma. However, his karma is already clean. Markku has gone through this ritual many times before in many countries and he has made 17 films about the life of the natives.

‘I have been here and seen what is happening to the indigenous people and how gas is produced. On the one hand, this development makes Russia strong, on the other hand, it “eats” the land. The situation is similar in the US and all over the world with the Innuits and the Saami,’ says Markku Lehmuskallio, a documentary director.

This is not a theatrical show, there are 12 real chums. Outside young men are pulling a stick, guests are riding reindeer sledges.

The festival has turned into a real celebration. A smaller version of Reindeer Herder Day. Journalists tormented local residents with questions and tirelessly tried to touch reindeers.

Eshref, whose surname it is difficult to pronounce, comes from Turkey. At home, he is a radio and TV presenter. They write almost nothing about life in the Arctic, but after the forum and photos in social networks people will definitely get interested in Yamal.

‘It is very interesting. The life of reindeer herders, the chums, we know nothing about it. I will make several publications after the forum and I am sure there will be people in Turkey who would want to come as tourists, ‘ says Eshref Yalınklıçlı, a journalist from Turkey.

With the smells of salted fish, berry tarts and reindeer meat stew journalist from China, Iceland and Russia get warm at the Arctic table. Conversations inside the dwelling are boiling too. The editor-in-chief of a Chinese magazine did not know about pollution in the Arctic. The Icelandic journalist got worried by the lives of neighboring Greenlandic Innuits.

‘They were exploited by the Danes. The white man has brought “fire water” to them.’ ‘What does this mean?’ “Vodka, bacardi. They actually drink a lot. They cannot tolerate alcohol like white people,’ says Haukur Hauksson, a journalist from Iceland.

This was the first media forum for media representatives. It is not clear yet whether it will become a tradition. Agreement on cooperation among regional unions of journalists has been signed, and today has been secured by personal impressions. Now, voices in different languages will spread their Arctic stories around the world, just like our colleague from Turkey is going to do.

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