A poacher wont pass. Animals are under protection. Mobile guard posts are set up in Yamal

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Mobile guard posts arranged by Yamal-Nenets Bioresources Protection Service are proving to be effective. Every year, inspectors on duty at these posts prevent violation of hunting rules. In total, there are 9 guard posts in the region, two of them are in Shuryshkarsky area.The southernmost one operates on the border with neighboring Ugra. Evgenia Lyubimskaya has visited the keepers of flora and fauna at this picturesque place.

A picturesque place on the bank of a canal of the Patrokhas river in the Shuryshkarsky area located 125 kilometers away from the Muzhi town is the southernmost mobile guard post where Yamal-Nenets Bioresources Protection Service inspectors work. This territory is special for the inspectors - it is a borderline.

Ivan Krektunov - state inspector, Shuryshkar territorial department, Yamal-Nenets bioresources protection service:

«We are on the first guard post Ilyagort, near the border with the Khanty-Mansi region. The guard post was set up in 2014. Thanks to this guard post there has been much fewer violations of the environmental legislation».

The main task of the inspectors at the guard post is to maintain order in nearby public hunting grounds. To control the jurisdictional territory the guardians of the nature regularly patrol local forests and rivers.

Oleg Vozeov - state inspector, Shuryshkar territorial department, Yamal-Nenets bioresources protection service:

«We are on a year-round duty at this guard post, we regularly have joint raids with Berezovsky post. The most of committed offences are transportation of uncased guns and transportation of hunting items».

Not far from the guard post there is an old winter settlement of the Khanty people. The unusual place has the same name as the guard post – Ilyagort. Wooden buildings and storage sheds are everywhere. They remained here from the past centuries. Sometimes inspectors come here to visit the only resident who lives in this village - how is health? how are things?

What’s more, inspectors on duty constantly monitor the local flora and fauna and make recodes in a phenological journal. While patrolling the territory, inspectors often encounter footprints of different animals. This time there are footprints of the sable, it is obvious.

These places are really rich in wild animals. So, one can see not only footprints, but also bump into them face to face – they do not wait for an invitation.

Anton Longortov - Shuryshkar territorial department, Yamal-Nenets bioresources protection service:

«Recently, an elk approached the post, bears live nearby, and they are frequent guests here too. There are also game birds like the black grouse, the hazel grouse, the wood grouse, the partridge, and migrating waterfowl».

Shuryshkarsky area is famous for its rivers rich in fish and forests rich in game birds. Someone has to keep an eye on this wealth, especially during an active hunting season. If animals trust people, then the work is not in vain. A bad man won't be unnoticed by the keepers.

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